A Guide to Choosing the Best Flag Material

Many factors contribute to the overall look of your flag. Its durability and performance, in turn, determines its price. How the flag is constructed plays an important role, and therefore, it is essential to understand what materials are the best for your flag. Here is a guide to choosing your flag material.

If you are thinking of having a printed flag, you should consider choosing a good material for printing. Printed flags are some of the cheapest, and they are mostly printed on light materials. However, since you will need a logo on your flag, it is essential to talk to your textile supplier to ensure you have suitable materials for your printing.

Indoor Flags

When installing an indoor flag, you may choose any material as it is not exposed to outdoor conditions. The reason is that the materials are not affected by outdoor conditions like wind, sunlight or other weather conditions. But if you are to print your flag, you will still have to consider materials that are best for printing.

Outdoor Flags

When making outdoor flags, you need to choose your materials carefully. The reason is you need to be sure that the material you choose will withstand the outdoor weather conditions. The most commonly used materials for outdoor flags are either nylon or polyester. That is because they are light but weather-resistant and therefore will last for long.

Fire Retardant Flags

Another essential factor to consider when choosing your flag materials is the fire retardant feature. Depending on where you are installing the flag, fire resistance may be a critical factor to consider. Many outdoor flags materials are manufactured with fire-resistant material in them. It is therefore essential to choose wisely to ensure you have suitable materials.

It is also paramount to ensure the material you choose is crease-resistant, anti-static and non-fraying. The suitable materials will ensure your flag does not tear or rip even in days of strong wind.